Monday, August 3, 2009

Last long weekend with no reno's

We're just starting to get accustomed to life without renovations. It was very strange at first to not have an endless list of things that needed creating/fixing/improving/finishing in the house, but we've adjusted to it (a bit). Now we spend our time packing, cleaning and planning for the new house now -- oh, and we also have a bit more of a life. I think I can count on one hand the number of times we've been to Home Depot in the past month and a half (but we still know the layout by heart!).

This weekend marks the last long weekend we'll have before we move into the next house and have our lives chewed, swallowed and spit out by it. And that's putting it nicely. To take the edge off of that I'm posting photos of a fun day out to the Othello Tunnels where we hiked, relaxed and were otherwise oblivious to our future reno lives, so I can look back at it wistfully one day and say, 'oh look, we were normal back then!'.

Some of the tunnels are quite dark.

View down from one of the trestle bridges.

When they were constructing the tunnels (back in the day) they would light the charge and then scurry up the ladders away from it. Yikes.


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