Friday, March 12, 2010

The Next Door Neighbours

We've discovered a large fence that runs between one side of our property and our neighbour's. It's not completely apparent because there are a ton of trees planted in front of it. It's no ordinary fence -- it was constructed due to some quarrelling between the people who used to live here and neighbours on the other side who have moved away (I'm placing blame on the people who used to live here, they were straight up bonkers).

The best part though, was discovering a piece of the fence missing...
...and finding CHICKENS!!! (Not that we haven't heard them, but we've never seen them.)

I cranked my head around to spy on some escapees:

The funniest part is that they looked to be having a party!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here are just a few shots of what things look like outside around here lately. It's been a warm winter -- I don't remember spring arriving this early in the past (but I'll take it!). It's a huge surprise watching what's popping up around here as it's our first spring. I'll be taking notes so I can try and figure out what everything is.

Buds on a plum tree.

A ton of daffodils.