Monday, August 17, 2009

And, moving on...

Things are going to get a little more interesting around here soon. We close on the new house tomorrow, and have possession this Wednesday at 2pm. Sounds simple enough, right. ...right?

At the moment we're crossing our fingers and toes that our seller will be out of the house come Wednesday. Apparently they're having issues (read: their own crappy bad timing) with getting all of their stuff out by 2pm. More details to come!


Absolutely Small said...

Oh no. Don't you just love disorganized sellers who can't stick to an agreement? I DO.
Here's hoping everything goes smoothly and you get in there soon!

Mrs. Limestone said...

I hope its all sorted out now and you're enjoying your new place.

Great photo - where did you find it?

Kerry said...

Mrs. L, I couldn't find the proper credit for the was one of those Google searches for 'vintage moving' that it appeared on.

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