Friday, July 31, 2009

In 20 days it's all ours...


I can't help but feel like this is a bit of a joke, but we're actually moving into this. Okay, maybe I should clarify -- we're buying this, but we're not going to live in it for a while. Our grand plan is to take the last two weeks of August to do as many big jobs on the house as we can, meanwhile we'll have a 10 by 32 foot 'temporary' box dropped off for us to live in as of September...with no definite date* of living in this:

Don't get me started on this room, but those with a keen eye will spot the brilliant placement of a wood stove only 3 feet away from a hallway wall. Oh, and the fact that the stove touches the brick is a major no-no. So is the fact that some brilliant person put it on a diagonal. We'll be smashing this out.

Ah yes, the gourmet kitchen! What, you don't agree? Little do you know that ill-fitted dishwashers, old trash compactors, leaky faucets and deconstructed cabinets are en vogue for fall of 2009.

Pepto-coloured walls...antacid chic? I'm going to need something stronger than that to use this bathroom. Let's not even go there with that wooden toilet seat, I bet if we set it on fire it would burn for 3 days. (And the funky toilet schmears are from the well water, it's high in iron. A water softener is on the list to install.)

Oh! Hello, welcome to the barn! I think it has a most welcoming feel, with the chainsaw just sliding off the shelf to entice you inside. It's like a 'Where's Waldo' photo: car jack, check; WD-40, check; Ferrari, check! (Yes, that's a Ferrari. Whether or not it's left for us is a mystery at this point.)

After a hard day at work, I like to head back home on my motorcycle. I'm far to picky about leaving it outside, so I park it in the basement. Vroom vroom!

If you've made it this far in the photos, here's hoping that you can see the potential in it that we can. It's scary, smelly, dirty, in need of major repair...but, the positives are that it's only 21 years old (I know, I wouldn't believe it either -- but we've got the city engineering plans stamped to prove it), the foundation is sound, and it's got one hell of a knockout view behind the house.

*Pretty please, I'd like it to be before Christmas...of 2009.


Absolutely Small said...

I am so feeling your pain/excitement right now! We're going through the exact same situation.
But! There's so much potential in your house! I'm sure it will be really charming once you're done. Or halfway done. Or just, you know get those bathroom walls repainted.
(And the stove placement...brilliant!)

Anonymous said...

wow! i can't wait to see what you make of it.

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