Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet 'The Power of Jordan'

This is what we affectionately call this oil portrait that was found in the house. Painted by the artist in 1976, this piece has a sort of spooky effect with 'The Power of Jordan' eyeballs shifting his gaze on you wherever you are. (Just like the Mona Lisa -- except, the Mona Lisa is in the Louvre with security guards, and 'The Power of Jordan' is sitting on our porch outside, with the critters to guard him.)

If my Mom is reading this right now -- wait, she'll have turned the computer off, 'The Power of Jordan' freaks her out, so much so that she had to turn it around when she and my Dad came to visit last week. (Sorry Mom!) She'll probably have the heeby-jeebies for days now and have to cleanse her screen.

'The Power of Jordan' cannot be denied! All of that feathered 70's mullet-ish hair and brooding expression draws you in, and if that doesn't do it, the v-neck sweater that looks like it's been sewn from a bear hide will. It's kind of like a 'Q-Ray' bracelet -- it will enhance your feelings of well-being and help you get more out of life (maybe).

Warm up your printers and make a copy of the painting and tuck it into your wallet, you never know what 'The Power of Jordan' will do for you!


melissa said...

That is hilarious!!! ;)

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