Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Options for the entryway light

So I'm officially peeved at the selection of lights there are for semi-flush and flush fixtures. Either that, or I'm just not looking in the right places.

I've managed to short list a few from the hundreds (probably verging on thousands by now) of lights that I've looked at. The fixture needs to have a bit of a farmhouse feel to it...or something that could fit in with that sort of vibe. Maybe I should hold back on making up my mind until there's new spring stock available, so I don't end up settling on something now.*

*That common sense may be waived if an ├╝ber sale suddenly breaks out.

Cottonwood Flush Mount Ceiling Light - Barn Light Electric
Pros: Nice detail with the screws on the side / Cons: Looks a bit 'humpy' with that glass bit hanging down
Rutherford Flushmount - Restoration Hardware
Pros: Has etched and clear glass / Cons: Looks too cylindrical (like a popcorn bucket)
Spokane Flush Mount Light - Barn Light Electric
Pros: Cool metal tabs on the top sides / Cons: Trevor thinks it looks like some sort of porthole


Anonymous said...

my vote is for #3

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree. #3 has the added element of the tabs that set it apart from the standard flush mounts. And I like the flat lens!

ell.uu said...

i am liking the sort of laid-back fisherman's shack vibe of #2. the third one looks a little bit like a light on the underside of a UFO to me. #1 is a bit too standard-issue.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the feedback! Still stuck though. I think the popcorn tin one may be growing on me...

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