Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The mudroom light

Well, there was one light I was able to make a decision on (and Trevor managed to like it as well -- miracle!): it's the Barn Light Flush Mount Warehouse Pendant. I've liked it for a while, and that right there passes my test.*

It's going to be in black, even though most of the fixtures I've got in the works are oil-rubbed bronze. Living dangerously here. (Plus it comes in every colour under the sun other than oil-rubbed bronze.)

* It's the 3-day test. After I see something I like, if I still like it after 3 days, we're onto something.


Michelle said...

3 day rule is a good idea.
I find it so hard to pick light covers - are they all meant to match? or be the same colour? or made from the same material? Instead all I have is naked bulbs as I just cant make a decision!

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