Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stainless steel letterforms

Coming to my mailbox soon!  I've decided to start a collection of letterforms for a future feature wall.  My first letter is coming from a 1950's era parking garage in New York (salvaged).  It's stainless steel and about 10 inches high.  (I bought it here.)  

Trevor asks why I decided on the letter 'P' to which I say, 'I have to start somewhere!'.  And I can always put it in the bathroom for now, as a little subtle encouragement.  ;)

One other letter I've seen, that I would have LOVED to have be the first to find was this letter 'A':


I love the bells and whistles. said...

I did this a few year ago, I was able to spell out my sons name using lettering I had found in a few Architectural salvage shops. Vintage signs, etc..
It looks really cool in his room. There are so many possibilities.

Poot and Boogie said...

Hi Kerry, I don't know if you are wanting numbers, but I found this today on etsy

Mrs. Limestone said...

I so want these. I can never find any good "S"s. Letters are crazy expensive anytime I see them at a salvage place or flea market, its either huge $$$ or only Qs left. It just happened to me again this weekend.

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