Monday, February 2, 2009

The entryway: Before and after

The entryway was finished this weekend.  Despite my inital ho-humming about the slate tile (it seems a bit overused in houses right now -- but I'm sure the future buyer of this house will be over the moon about it) I think it turned out beautifully.  Two coats of gloss sealer (bling!), the addition of moulding (notice the plinth block action, courtesy of Trevor's mad finishing skillz), painting of moulding (my mad skillz), painting of closet doors and one revamped table later and we're done*.  
* Although I think the glass bottle needs a flower or two.


I love the bells and whistles. said...

Found your blog off of TNT. I just wanted to know who I'm sharing such a cool name with. Love the use of it in your blog title, mine is not that clever. I enjoy your blogs as I am also renovating a home.
Its now linked to mine. I'll catch you on TNT....TC tomorrow night!

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