Monday, February 9, 2009

Scary windows x 4: Before and after

The scary windows were tackled over the weekend.  After holding the previous fabric option up to the windows and taking a look, I decided that they were blocking out too much light in the stairwell -- and that's not good.  So light and airy was the new goal, and a trip to Ikea was made for panel curtain material:
Anno Horisont curtain panel.

I took the roll and measured 4 panel lengths and did a simple stitch along the top and bottom for the rod (no need for the sides, they don't fray unless you touch them a lot, and no one can reach these).  


Cathy said...

When I see those windows, I miss my little old home...

Looks good!

(Word verification hicram) which we were in our little place...LOL.

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