Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sometimes it's not bad/smelly/scary/strange...

See? Every now and then we have fun around here. One of the best things we've found left behind by the old owners was a large cement container that we've now turned into our awesome fire pit*. (Don't ask to hear the story about how we had to move it to our chosen location -- lots of swearing and general bad behaviour, the usual when Trevor and I have to move something large and heavy.)

*We're not going to run out of anything to burn anytime soon. In fact, we should have that pit going 24 hours a day -- and after 2 years we might have the junk piles gone.

Now there's the money shot.

Minor (major?) baked potato incident. Not enough tin foil + in the fire too long = something that looks like a charbroiled brain.

Here's proof of our bounty around here-- freshly picked grapes and apples. We'd better get used to living off the land because once our bank account is bled dry by this house it's all we'll be eating.


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