Monday, July 13, 2009

The bedroom

Our bedroom was one of the first rooms we tackled in the reno. It used to be beige, with a long black shelf over top of the bed, and no bed frame. Very bachelor-chic. (And then I came along and threw the bachelorhood out the window.) The best part about this room is that it's budget-friendly: the entire wall of drapes are from Ikea, as are the tables and bed frame (so many people have this bed frame!). The dressers are from Trevor's childhood bedroom, and we splurged on the glass lamps (Urban Barn).

I love the red gerberas against the wall colour.

Calm blue ocean artwork...they fool me into thinking I have a fancy view.

A little greenery goes a long way, and some photos from our trip to Europe last October. (Oh, and that white blobby thing is an oversized porcelain diamond shape.)


Mrs. Limestone said...

Absolutely lovely and serene.

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