Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh boob lights, how I hate thee...

In our next house, boob lights will be banished.  

I didn't have a choice with these; they came with the house when Trevor bought it brand new 11 years ago (damn builder's special cheap-o multipacks!).  The shape and, er, excited 'bosom-ly-ness' of these, combined with the polished brass finish makes me glad they're on the ceiling, and not something in my regular line of sight.  Although, now I have gone out of my way to point them out and photograph them, so I'll be thinking of them more than usual.  

Way to go me. 


Mrs. Merriman said...

LOL.. I have two in my bedroom. Nothing like looking up, seeing boob light, skylight, boob light *sigh*

Lobster and swan said...

I used to work for a lighting retailer and hated selling these!
Funny that it was mostly men that were drawn to them and me and the wives knew why even if the husbands didn't realize!

They should be banished from earth.


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