Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dining room table

We might have found a finalist in our search for a new dining room table.  It's met the prerequisites that we've been looking for:

• It has to function as a kitchen table in our next house (most important)
• It has to fit into our current dining room space
• It has to be a little 'rustic' looking (meaning, it can age gracefully with a 
    few dents and scrapes -- and withstand the abuse that I tend to 
    put on things)

And here it is:

It's made of reclaimed pine (reclaimed from where exactly, I have no idea).Originally I was looking to find a trestle table but realized that anyone who sits at the head(s) of that style of table could have their knees crunched in, so I scrapped that.  

Chairs might be a little more challenging to find.  I'd like to hunt down something a little more refined to offset the rustic-ness of the table.  

I love the curved upholstered chair from west elm, but I'm not digging the colours.  Not really worth it to buy a brand new chair to then go and rip the fabric off of them!

Another west elm find...these circle cutout chairs look nice (a la my current 'Window Shopping'!)...but I wonder about the comfort of the rigid-looking straight backs on them.

Pottery Barn has a nice option with their Schoolhouse Chair.  

It might even be nice to have a bench along one side of the table, like this one from Crate & Barrel.


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