Friday, January 9, 2009

More chairs

I've always like the idea of using navy chairs (originally I had wanted some bar-height chairs for my office but it didn't pan out).  Could it be that they were destined to sit around our dining room table? (Which, by the way, hasn't been purchased yet, but let's put that aside and dream for a minute...)

Trevor will surely like them as they hone into his weakness for things that are indestructible (he enjoys his claim that when he hangs up shelving that the anchors/bolts/whatnots are strong enough for him to 'hang' off of).  These navy chairs take 77 steps to build, have a lifetime warranty and are designed to last 150 years (or as the Emeco website states they 'make sure once they ship, we never see them again').

You can even get a polished finish.  Niiiiice.
The only scary thing is...there's no prices posted for these, which makes me think that the cost will be in line with the lifetime warranty and the 77 steps.  


Mrs. Merriman said...

lllluuuuuurrrrvvveeee the idea of the navy chairs and that rustic table. 77 steps, eh? Wow. I had no idea. And yes, no prices.. could be scary.

Kerry said...

They are semi-scary prices. It's a no-go with Trevor on these...

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