Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I wish this were a post about groovy cool containers that sit in my kitchen or something a little prettier, but I present you with the holy trinity of mega storage: our shipping containers.

Pros: They hold just about everything. They're weather-tight. They've got big locks on them.

Cons: There's a jungle of stuff inside each one. Opening the doors to them can be a major pain. (Also, if you leave a box of Pelligrino in there that you forget to use, when it gets cold out they shatter and make a big mess.)

Behind door number one is our working/holding area, that houses our gigantic bundles of plank panelling, tile and whatever else is in there so it's out of the way until we're ready for it (like the washer and dryer).

Door number two mainly has boxes, and our kitchen table.

And door number three is where the furniture sleeps, all wrapped up and waiting for their turn to come into the house.


carrie @ brick city love said...

I was on a shipping container house kick for a long time. Still think about designing & building one out in the woods somewhere. Or maybe on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Maybe for the next house...

Kerry said...

It's surprising how much room you have in one of these. Eventually we want to get rid of them, but until we build a garage I'd be inclined to keep at least one of them for storage (lawnmowers, bikes, everything else!). They're not overly expensive, so you could really pimp one out and put it in the woods. :)

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