Friday, March 4, 2011

Ceiling in the living room

We had a big push to make our deadline for the government eco energy program, and had to have all of our ceilings up before they came to re-assess the house (air tight testing nonsense, phbbbbt). One of the major rooms left was the living room (family room? I never know what to call it).

So here it is, done and done. I must admit, I thought it was going to be more terrible planking all of the ceilings in the house than what it was. It could be the fact that we started with the hardest room: the kitchen, where super long pieces had to be put up. These pieces meant that wobbly jelly arms had to stretch to hold planks like agile monkeys. It also meant a few snippy snappy remarks between certain monkeys. But, this monkey has to admit she's learned some badass nail gun skills along the way.

Enough primate talk, let's admire those planks (that still need to be painted, oh the suffering).


jennifer @ fog city sparkle said...

kerry - it's looking so gorgeous over there! i am mega jealous of those ceilings. *swoon*

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