Sunday, October 24, 2010

Now, where were we?

I had to look through the last few pages of posts to see where I should start from -- a lot has changed around here since I last posted.  I think I was bogged down with some of the boring tasks, like framing, that's really uninspiring to post about.  Now that I've mentioned framing, here's some photos of what the house looked like at the beginning of July (taken early in the morning before the insulators arrived, but after the plumbing exploded the night before when we were testing it):

Looking through the family room to the kitchen.
Entryway (ooo, mystery door!)
Upstairs, with the ugly handrail left so no one takes a header down the stairwell.
Master, complete with bathtub waiting to be installed.
Looking up, way up, to where the chimney used to be.  (Notice the silly diagonal they put it on, ugh.)
One of the dormers, and into the attic.
From the master, through the hallway to the bedrooms.
Master again, part of the bathroom, into a bedroom.
In the kitchen, looking towards where the sink will be.
Yup, pretty boring stuff -- but exciting for those who have imagination!


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