Friday, October 29, 2010

Drywall in the kitchen

This is one of my favourite spaces at the moment, because it's one area that's going to be semi-finished soon (semi as in no moulding, but floors, ceilings and cabinets!).  You'll notice there's no drywall on the ceiling -- that's being finished with v-groove MDF planks, which goes with our whole 'modern farmhouse' look.

Looking towards the front of the house, where a table will eventually be.
That wall will house cabinets and the fridge.


cathy said...

Wow!! How exciting!!

Allyson said...

One word: "W-O-W"!

So exciting to see what you've done with the joint. Looks like great minds think alike with Cathy and I. You must be so pleased.

Kerry said...

It's getting exciting...much more so than looking at bare studs! :)

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