Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Options for the Main Bathroom

I've been playing around with some tile choices for the main bathroom for a while, and I've finally put together a couple of sample boards to see if my picks work. I'm stuck between two floor tile choices -- but still open to ideas.

(Bonus points go to those who can choose the option with the tile that Trevor doesn't like!)


Jennifer @ Fog City Sparkle said...

i am a total sucker for hex tile in carrara or in black and white.

carrie said...

I think the hex would feel more at home in your house and appeal to a wider spectrum of people come resale. I really like the circles too, so no bad options!

Allyson said...

I'm loving Option 1! Look forward to reading your blog updates Kerry. You two are couragous and have a wonderful vision, never mind energy! I wonder what your neighbours think? They must be overjoyed by the improvements.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the votes everyone! Trevor's not a fan of the circles, he thinks they might date themselves fairly quickly. I'm a sucker for the circles, but I think that the hex tiles will stay timeless and keep me happy. Now to figure out wall tile and all the other goodies!

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