Saturday, January 23, 2010

The 'After' Floorplans

It took a few drafts and sketches (and standing in the house with our hands on our hips) to come up with the new floorplans for the main and second floor of the house.

Main floor:
The big difference in this new plan is the kitchen -- it's being made larger (the old, tiny galley kitchen before was pretty sad). The original family room had a horrible flow and wasn't really working for us. Placing a long and large kitchen island in that area makes much more sense, and we'll have seating at the island so you can take in the view out the new set of glass doors.

Second floor:
This floor had the most changes with shifting both the bedroom closets and the linen closet to their new home. The main bath was extended, and the original walk-in closet made smaller (I'd rather have a bigger bathroom than closet!). One thing you can't see in this plan is a small area of extra storage leading from the master bedroom in between the two dormer windows -- a nice bonus for unused space.

We also replaced the windows in the bathroom and bedroom next to it with larger ones, and boarded over the walk-in closet window (who needs a window in there?). And the master now has two windows instead of one -- and the new one faces out to the duck pond.*

*Minor note here: Apparently it's the start of mating season, so it's a bit of an R-rated view out that window right now. Dirty ducks.


Jennifer @ Fog City Sparkle said...

i think you may need to install a duck cam at some point. happy hours, orgies -- it sounds like they are quite the party animals!

Kerry said...

Believe me, we can also hear all the 'partying' going on too...

Naomi said...

OO this plan looks much better! I bet the long island will be really nice with all those windows.
I just found your blog and love it. I'm about to do the whole reno thing too. How long have you been in this new home?


Kerry said...

Hi Naomi! We bought the house and moved in at the end of August. Actually, I'll use the 'move in' part loosely as we're stationed outside of the house in a trailer. Fingers crossed for moving in around June at this point.

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