Monday, November 30, 2009

The mud room

This is where we're currently at with the mud room. Thanks to the well-placed wood stove we had to re-frame (okay, Trevor did the framing, I'm moral support) the corner of the wall that went on a lovely diagonal.

We also had to replace all of the subfloor in this room because the dirty old owners kept three washers and two dryers in it -- and they leaked like mad. Oh, the was also a rat superhighway behind those machines as well between that floor and the basement.

Let's relive that moment when we first moved in and had this visual spectacle of laundry-o-rama:

But look on the bright side, at least the brass boob light is gone (boob lights...they follow me everywhere):

For your viewing pleasure, the new (clean and smelling like wood, not anything else) subfloors:

And look! A CORNER! (Clouds open up, beam of light shines down.)


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