Sunday, October 18, 2009

The day the dump truck came

Did anyone see the holy beam of light shine down in this area not too long ago? Well, it brought forth a miracle in the form of a dump truck and digger-thingie (technical machine terms are not my strong point). And boy did they go! Most of the junk behind the house left (there's some paint and solvents we need to sort through) and a bunch more from around the scary barn. We had enough junk to fill 5 dump truck loads (and then some).


Jennifer @ Fog City Sparkle said...

that is unbelievable - except that i have seen the photos of the switchplates and flytapes, so not really. but still!

you must be SO excited. time to light a fire in honor of the garbage-be-gone gods!

Absolutely Small said...

Oh. Wow. All that junk is just mind boggling! You must be feeling so good to have so much progress in getting rid of it, though.
Also, I have hereby tagged you for one of those time consuming internet memes. If it can happen to me, then apparently no one is immune. Enjoy! (Details on my blog.)

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