Friday, June 26, 2009

The big update

{Photo taken while on a swing at the park close to our house. We had been booted out for a showing.}

You might have noticed that I haven't been around for a while. (Although you've probably figured it out from my twitter updates!) We sold our house quickly -- less than 10 days! Thankfully we can move on from keeping the house in a museum-like state now; keeping up with that was exhausting.

We have until September 3rd to find a new house and move. We've seen countless houses in two weeks: everything from places that have every sort of easement possible (natural gas, petroleum, big power lines...), to houses under flight paths, too close to freeways/highways, crazy sloping hills, grow-op's (scary), and a place where a guy was shot (but lived, woo hoo?). It's been a completely mixed bag of houses. You'd think that we were searching for the perfect house, when really we're just looking for a place that needs a whole lot of love (read through the lines: a ton of reno's) on a larger piece of land.

At the moment we've put an offer in on a place that we both like -- wait, the only place we like at all. I'm not going to say too much about it now as we're having it inspected next Tuesday afternoon and our subjects are supposed to be removed by July 3rd. If that all goes according to plan I'll have more details then!

{Another photo from the swing. I like it so much I might look into having it printed on canvas!}


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