Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Before and after: The dining/living room

This is one area of the house that's sustained a lot of abuse and clutter.  It's also one of the most travelled-through parts of the house, which was made even more difficult when it resembled a storage locker.  We've had office furniture moved into it, tile storage, moulding and sawhorses...not once have we been able to use it to live or dine in, until now!*
*And believe me, it's still in shock.

A dining room?  For real?  *blink blink*

No more squeezing our way through construction clutter, I can do twirls in here now!

Watch out now, here come the before photos (they scare me):

Oh, sad days -- burgundy days.

Balloon window treatments, in burgundy, naturally.  Why look, there's a whack of moulding too!

And all of the office furniture/clutter awaiting a new home...somewhere.


Cathy said...

Great team effort! Your place is going to sell quickly!

P.S. I really want your dining room chairs!!

Michelle said...

Everyone loves a good before and after! What a huge difference you've made, I love the green accessories and curtains the room looks so inviting.

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