Thursday, May 14, 2009

School's in: Staging a kitchen

In two weeks we'll be in full deep cleaning mode, and staging mode.  The cleaning part I know, the staging part, well, not so much.  So I've been doing a little research and getting some ideas on what we can do to pull the kitchen together.

In this kitchen (and in the photo above) I like the idea of adding a little pop of the same colour.  Smart little ideas like using yellow flowers, lemons, a yellow pepper, a yellow book and yellow bowl make this kitchen look tidy.

I like this kitchen because it uses mainly white accessories. 

Using the limes in a container looks fun, and the white flowers in the neat and tidy rectangular vase keeps it simple.

The picture frame on the countertop in this kitchen is an interesting idea.  But what sort of picture would you put in it?

Okay, so the Le Creuset french oven really sucked me in with this kitchen.  I still want one.

And so, with a quick 101 on kitchen staging/styling (and so on...) I devised the colour palette above.  The top left row starts with two paint colours that are in the kitchen (and family room, can't forget that!) and the third in from the left is the cabinet colour (Behr's 'Pot of Cream').  I think green on green accents, a little pop of yellow, some white and a highlight of a cool blue could work nicely together. 


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