Saturday, May 16, 2009

School's in: Staging a bedroom

I need extra help in the bedroom with figuring out pillow arrangements and organizing bedside trinkets.  The room is mainly blue-ish* hues, with a wall of drapes in a slightly darker blue.  The linens are all white with throw pillows in more of those blue-ish hues, and a throw blanket, in yes...a blue-ish hue.  
(*'blue-ish' = mainly blue, but a bit of green so it's not too cool)  

Why look!  A blue-ish room!  A big 'X' goes on those lilies though, I'd wake up a big snotty allergic mess with those right next to me.  The retro telephone is tres hip though.

Okay, look past the busy tree/bird mural in this bedroom and count the pillows with me: I spot eight.

Accent colours galore!  And the black scotty it.  I think the corded phone would have to go though.  How annoying would it be getting that caught in the drawer every time you opened it?  Wait, we're not talking practical, we're talking staging.

And with today's staging 101 I thought about the colours that would best pop against those blue-ish colours, but without looking too bright (it is a bedroom after all, serene, peaceful and all that).  So I think some yellow and slightly yellow-greens with a nice dose of white and grey/silver/pewter could bring this room together.


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