Monday, April 27, 2009

Ideas for container planting

I'm going to keep this year's garden purchases for my containers (I did a count and I've got 12 pots/boxes and 3 baskets).  I'm trying to get a few ideas for plants and plan things out a bit -- I've decided on a colour scheme of greens (surprise!), purples, creams and whites.  I really like the idea of playing with texture too; last year I added cabbage and kale to the containers on the porch, and they worked out really well.  Here's a few ideas I've seen:


erinn said...

oooh. I love the square terra cotta planters. And the aluminum pails. I personally love container gardening since it is easier for me to wrap my brain around it then trying to plan out a whole flower bed.

Kerry said...

Very true, container gardening is much easier -- small scale. Now to find the pool boy equivalent for watering those containers! :)

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