Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finding your style

I've been looking around my house lately (and especially yesterday for some reason) and I've been a bit frustrated about not having a cohesive style around here.  Sure, I've been though the 'we've moved in with each other and dumped our furniture together and ticked off with each other's lack of style' stage, then moved on to the 'let's make a deal' stage (I lost my old red and white dotted Ikea rug, Trevor lost a hideous ceramic swan *shudder*), and, after almost 7 years, we've arrived at the 'I think we're starting to like similar things' stage.  (Also known as the 'yes, Kerry's right' stage.)

I found Sproost and took their personal style quiz.  The first time I took it I was 33% French Eclectic, 33% Cottage Chic, and 34% Hollywood Couture.  I ended up with a room like this:

The next time I took the quiz I was 100% Hollywood Couture and had this room:

And, the third time I was Modern Elegance:


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